San Francisco
Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights

As indicated by its name, Pacific Heights is a swanky neighborhood that sits at one of the highest points in San Francisco. It is as prestigious as the many lavish neighborhoods surrounding it: Cow Hollow, Presidio Heights, and Union Street.

Pacific Heights has a Walk Score of 97, a Transit Score of 80, and a Bike score of 66. It is considered the 30th most walkable neighborhood in San Francisco. Pacific Heights has a Livability Score of 80 out of 100. It's crime rates are 35% lower than the San Francisco average. Furthermore, the cost of living in the neighborhood is 42% higher than the San Francisco average and real estate prices are 80% higher than the San Francisco average.

It contains numerous choices for entertainment, such as parks, outdoor activities, restaurants, bars, and lounges. The homes of Pacific Heights are luxurious and grand, styled after French and Spanish designs that qualify as mansions in many aspects. The selection of food and dining includes American, Italian, Seafood and Barbecue, and a variety of cultural cuisines. Lafayette Park and Alta Plaza Park, which sit near Lower Pacific Heights, provide spacious, grass-covered hills, views of the Bay, and a perfect place for either an afternoon lunch or a refreshing outing.

It also has popular landmarks such as the Haas-Lilienthal House and Mrs. Doubtfire’s house. Pacific Heights is a popular living location among individuals in their mid-thirties

Buildings in Pacific Heights