San Francisco


Home to the beginnings of the counterculture movement largely defined by its anti-war efforts in response to the Vietnam War, the Haight-Ashbury boasts a lively atmosphere that is representative of its roots. In the same ways that the 1960s-1970s movement created a momentous change in sexuality, identity, the arts, and American understanding of the “family” unit, the Haight-Ashbury is an ode to that diversity and cultural vibe. The neighborhood features many restaurants, boutiques, music stores, books stores, and bars and lounges that meet the counterculture atmosphere.

The neighborhood's Walk Score is 97, Transit Score is 73, and Bike Score is 82. It is considered the 25th most walkable neighborhood in San Francisco. Haight-Ashbury has a Livability Score of 79 out of 100, and its crime rates are 19% lower than the San Francisco average. Real estate prices are 46% higher than average and cost of living is 23% higher than average in San Francisco.

Average age for the Haight-Ashbury is the early-thirties, and common home styles include Victorians.